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[Faeblight] The Forgotten Returns
« on: February 14, 2013, 06:32:49 AM »
The Forgotten: (Who we are, in character)

Once, we allied loosely with the Defiant ideals but never really felt ourselves a part of that movement, nor with our Guardian counterparts - usually too zealous with their divine mandates. With the rise of the Storm Legion and the opening of Tempest Bay, the Forgotten has found that our efforts are best focused there.

We will always remember what we have lost; it brought us together. From the ashes of our past we have forged a new family with one another. Our souls may ache for the things left behind but our hearts hope for a future free of rifts and the threat of dragons. We dream of a time when we can know peace, however it may come.

Some of us have really lived. All of us have died.

We are the Forgotten.

Overview: (Who we are, out of character)

The Forgotten is located on the Faeblight server and is now open to both factions. We have been around since the early phases of beta and have explored the game in many aspects. We have excelled in every task we set for ourselves, from rifting to instances and we attained one of the top ranks on the server progression boards for raiding. At this time, raiding is not something we are interested in and we're looking to get back to our more casual, RP roots - we just want to have fun and build a solid community of friends within our guild.

We don't have many rules, this is a game and we want everyone to have fun. We ask you to be respectful of everyone else's play time. Real life comes first, so if you have to leave a group (or an RP event) unexpectedly please don't feel guilty! We just ask that you always let the group know and try to find a replacement for yourself if you have forewarning.

The Forgotten is a pretty simple organization: there is a trio of leaders (Lyaura, Marilith and Behn) and the members (the driving force of our guild). Recruits have a two week trial period - some will fit and some will not and we're ok with that.


Very strongly encouraged.

Members should never disrupt role play taking place in open channels (/say, /shout, /emote).  Members are expected to refrain from behavior that would be disruptive to other player's RP regardless of whether they are a member of The Forgotten or not.  Use common sense.

Regarding pvp and disruption: this does not mean you aren't allowed to PvP because it might disrupt someone however acting like a jerk will absolutely not be tolerated, especially if you respond that you are "role playing a jerk"...If you do that there is a strong chance a certain someone will role play being "That One Person Who Kicks Jerks Because They Aren't Welcome," for the sake of keeping RP from becoming LOLRP.

Recruitment and Everything Else:

Right now, we are taking recruits on an individual basis. We do not have an age requirement, but we ask that if you are under the age of 18 irl, please let us know. We do not censor our guild chat but expect our members to act and speak with discretion and decency. If things get out of hand, as they sometimes may, expect a leader to ask that it be toned down. We want everyone to be reasonably comfortable with regard to topics in guild chat. Be respectful of your fellow guild members - they come from all walks of life, orientation, genders, etc. We do NOT and will NOT tolerate hate or harassment in any form. It is grounds for immediate and absolute removal from the guild. General guild chat is OOC. We have a separate channel for our RP.

We assume our members are adults until told otherwise - please act accordingly. We understand that in an immersive RP environment, IC relationships will develop. Roleplay with mature themes (ie: ERP) will also happen. Please keep this personal and private. We will not tolerate flaunting IC or OOC, of one's private exploits. We have standards, both out of character and in character and expect those standards to be upheld at all times.

The Forgotten asks that all members and alts log in at least once every 90 days. If you fail to do so, you will be removed from the guild with the option of rejoining when you have time to play again!

If, after reading this, you are still interested in joining The Forgotten, please fill out an application for membership at or find a member in game to speak to.
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Re: [Faeblight] The Forgotten Returns
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2013, 07:50:16 PM »
I've met and RPied with a few of their members, and leadership, good people, glad to have them back.
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